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Global Real Estate Chief Executives Provide Key Enablers to Understand the Industry Changes

On april 21, the World Economic Forum released a report called ‘A Framework for The Future of Real Estate’, in which CEO’s from the industry shared their vision for the future of communities, cities and buildings keeping in mind important factors: liveability, sustainability, resilience and affordability.

“Real estate stands at a crossroads as cities adjust to the new realities of a post-COVID era, climate change and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, this transformation of real estate – and the market disruption that comes along with it – is long overdue but, if fully embraced, promises to help us all live healthier, happier and more connected lives,” said Jeff Merritt, Head of IoT and Urban Transformation at the World Economic Forum.

Real Estate industry is challenged to make a different path towards a healthier future and sustainable impact. To optimize buildings now means to get detached from the usual action of rearranging spaces, and thinking about energy efficiency, digitalization, users behaviours and circular economy. The changes towards a more sustainable way of operating and designing is imminent.

‘The Future of Real Estates’ exposes key enablers that industry leaders can take in count and use in order to measure if they are providing real estate options that are liveable, sustainable, resilient and affordable.

  • Accelerating digitalization and innovation to address everything from construction costs to the occupant experience.

  • Value-proof business cases that are transparent and demonstrate a clear return on investment in relation to technology, sustainability and affordable housing.

  • Prioritizing talent and knowledge by upskilling existing workers and attracting talent dedicated to areas of innovation while ensuring diversity and inclusion.

  • Engaging stakeholders, throughout the industry value chain and within the local community, to ensure projects are mutually beneficial.

  • Ensuring regulatory frameworks effectively address supply challenges, sustainability goals and provide proper zoning and density.

To read the ‘A Framework for the Future of Real Estates’ report:


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