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Benefits of the Integration of Spatial Intelligence in Warehouses

The pandemic has accelerated the integration of spatial intelligence solutions in order to achieve the optimization of operations in industries. MH&L Magazine published an article that analyzes the benefits of integrating this technology in warehouses. Some of the key points discussed were “real-time operational visibility, enabling warehouse operators to increase worker productivity, asset utilization and safety”.

The increase of e-commerce during the pandemic has also triggered new demands on warehouse operations. The E-commerce focused warehouses inevitably required more operators, transportation efficiencies and space. The result is that warehouse managers are trying to integrate innovative solutions that enhance worker productivity, increase asset usage and space utilization, but also assure worker safety and satisfaction.

“To address this urgent market need, cloud-based warehouse spatial intelligence (WSI) solutions—a new category of software solutions—have recently emerged. This new spatiotemporal approach combines unique spatial and real-time data (precise indoor location, HD images and videos, and advanced sensors) with advanced cloud-based analytics to gain actionable insights and automate decision making without human intervention. WSI solutions have been demonstrated to help improve real-time operational visibility, enabling logistics and warehouse operators to increase worker productivity, asset utilization and safety”.

The integration of this technology can facilitate the analysis of a wide quantity of data, without the need to change to another software or system. It also helps to monitor operational visibility across facilities and improves forecasting and strategic planning.

Areas in which spatial intelligence could have a positive impact:

  • Worker productivity

  • Asset and space utilisation

  • Loading dock efficiency

  • Safety

  • Integration with robotics

  • Connected Warehouses

“Warehouse spatial intelligence solutions have the potential to address this increasing consumer expectation and become an essential tool in allowing operators to maximize productivity, efficiency and safety”.

At MKThink we're developing technologies and strategies to help clients improve spatial intelligence in order to create productive and safer environments. By better optimizing the use of space, we can make progress regarding the reduction of the carbon impact on the environment. To learn more about how MKThink helps organizations strategize their future, please contact us.


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