Are electronic air cleaning systems investments doing good or harm?

Updated: May 2

Axxios released a recent article that illustrates how in some cases the investments made in new electronic air cleaning systems, by the academic sector, have not always had a positive impact. But why is this? Sometimes policies and actions focused to keep kids and teachers safe in schools have not been as effective as claimed and in others, “air cleaning systems could be exposing them to the harmful toxins ozone and formaldehyde, experts warn”.

“40% of school districts of more than 1,000 districts in the U.S. have used federal money to update their HVAC system and air filtration systems, which were outdated long before the pandemic, new data out this week from school tracker database Burbio shows”.

Key idea: Since air cleaning space is highly unregulated, it is hard for non-experts, without proper guidance, to understand what are the best products and equipment to invest in.

Let’s review some important details:

  • Universities and school districts have invested big amounts of money on technology (electronic air cleaning systems) with misleading efficacy. Some companies claim they have 99.99% of efficacy like Global Plasma solutions. This company is defendant in a class-action lawsuit over its communications and marketing, “with allegations it relied on test results from an air chamber the size of a shoebox to make efficacy claims”.

  • Experts such as Matthew Johnson, professor of chemistry at the University of Copenhagen and co-founder of air quality tech firm AirLabs, recommends schools to stay away from products `` that boast the use of ionization, plasma, dry hydrogen peroxide, or ultraviolet rays' '. Also, the Environmental Protection Agency alerts communities and companies regarding devices that can potentially generate ozone and other harmful by-products indoors.

It is necessary to start thinking about strategies to mitigate the negative consequences that can have electronic air cleaning systems with misleading efficacy. MKThink has been a Bay Area leader in helping organizations both measure and mitigate air quality issues, determining where, when and how to open offices, gyms, schools and other key areas affected by wildfire smoke plumes. Stay healthy out there!

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