Project Description

The Nature Conservancy

MKThink developed a Strategic Master Plan to guide The Nature Conservancy in managing its operations in a more environmentally conscious, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

An in-depth assessment of statewide facilities informed a hub-and-spoke model designed to consolidate offices and better distribute resources. The model was implemented in 4 regional offices and 3 hubs, realizing $800,000 in OPex savings and $5 million in cost avoidance.

An enhanced hub, the San Francisco headquarters showcases the strategy. The open office layout reduced square footage by 30%, avoiding annual lease expenses of $250,000 and enabling the chapter to maintain its downtown location.

The Strategic Master Plan aligns with TNC’s commitment to conservation—natural, material, and financial.

Project name

The Nature Conservancy


Schematic Design, Concept Development,
Architectural Design, Environmental Analysis,
Data Management (4Daptive), Business Planning


San Francisco & Statewide, CA


2013 – Present




120,000 SF   |   7 offices   |   240 employees


The Nature Conservancy