Project Description

Santa Clara Valley Water District

Place, technology, and policy in practice

The Santa Clara Valley Water District’s (SCVWD)¬†facilities were becoming increasingly insufficient to support its growing workforce, and a number of buildings were reaching their end of life. The District engaged MKThink to conduct an assessment of its workplace needs.

MKThink applied its established approach to workplace design, looking beyond buildings to a vision of building a better way to work. A vision that takes into account the future factors of new technologies, demographic changes, and the realities of working from anywhere. In developing this vision, the project team conducted a baseline assessment of what it has defined as the three primary components of the workplace system:

  • Place: Where the work is performed

  • Technology: Tools required to perform the work
  • Policy: Rules governing performance
  • (People): Who performs the work and how employees interact

Findings identified facilities needs, current technology and policy limitations, and employee pain points and kickstarted discussions between the traditionally siloed Facilities, IT, and HR departments on how to integrate place, technology, policy, and people to create an environment that provides employees with the best support to work effectively and productively.