Project Description

4Daptive Issued New Patent

MKThink is pleased to announce that the United States Patent Office (USPT) has continued to acknowledge our innovations with the issuance of a third patent in the field of spatial intelligence.  Invention number 9,996,807 is for a Multidimensional Digital Platform for Building

Integration and Analysis. It is the extension of two previous patents that cover technologies for analyzing business intelligence applied to physical assets, environmental factors, and cultural dimensions.

MKThink partner RoundhouseOne is the official patent assignee and commercializes the technology as 4Daptive.

“As our third patent in the nascent field of spatial intelligence, and our fourth patent overall, this patent recognizes the pioneering work of a team of MKThinkers.  For the field of spatial intelligence, this development is especially exciting when coupled with our two other patents still pending,” said Mark Miller, Founder and CEO, MKThink. “4Daptive is an integral tool to support innovative insights to improve the basis for the design and operations of our built environments.”

4Daptive is a multidimensional data management system that correlates Asset, Environmental, and Cultural (AEC) factors with a range of performance indexes.  It surpasses other available business intelligence tools in its ability to correlate factors that inform workplace performance, environmental health, and resource consumption. This knowledge supports an ecosystem of software, hardware and consultative offerings to achieve organizational and built asset alignment.

MKThink think creates intelligence places to improve the quality of life.  We serve clients in the education, healthcare, corporate, and government sectors.  We deliver high performance consultation supported by advanced technology and design capabilities. The result is measured through a range of revenue enhancements, operational expense savings, capital expense avoidance and organizational alignment.