Project Description

Oakland Unified School District

A systems-thinking approach to asset management to support Oakland Unified’s vision for Full-Service Community Schools district.

In 2008, Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) was $89 million in debt and faced a $18-million structural deficit for the 2010-2011 school year. This fiscal crisis demanded cost-cutting strategies to manage the 6,000,000-SF asset portfolio.

MKThink conducted an asset assessment that inventoried 108 sites, 1,334 buildings, and 12,188 rooms. Analysis of this data identified factors that affect asset management—school choice policies, enrollment projections, feeder patterns, and classroom capacity and utilization.

MKThink proposed a strategy to manage assets as a system (not site by site) in support of OUSD’s vision for a Full-Service Community Schools district. The strategy was the basis for 2012 Facilities Master Plan, unanimously adopted by the Board of Education and funded by a $475 million bond.

Project name

Facilities Assessment and Master Plan


Master Planning, Facilities Assessment
Physical Asset Management, Program Development
Feeder Pattern Study, Live-Go Analysis
Scenario Modeling


Oakland, CA


2010 – 2016




6,000,000 SF   |   108 Schools   |   1,334 Buildings


Oakland Unified School District