Project Description

Hawaii Natural Energy Institute (HNEI)

Advancing renewable energy technologies for Hawaii and the world.

MKThink has a longstanding contract with the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute (HNEI), which leads cutting-edge research in sustainable energy solutions in partnership with state and federal agencies and the private sector.

Hawaii depends on fossil fuel for 90% of its energy. The state faces an urgent demand for sustainable solutions and has set a target of 100% renewable energy by 2045, making it a prime test bed for energy innovations.
Hawaii Department of Education  MKThink conducted a two-year evaluation of buildings on Kauai and Oahu to identify correlations between thermal comfort and energy usage. The multi-agency partnership developed a web portal that delivers real-time data on environmental conditions at every public school in the state, both to inform the public and the desing of sustainable cooling solutions.
Maui Advanced Solar Initiative  MKThink developed a massive data uploader on its 4Daptive platform to power an advanced smart inverter poised to improve the integration of residential solar systems into utility grids.
Pilot Wind Turbines HNEI is conducting tests on experimental wind turbines at Crissy Field Center and the San Francisco Zoo, two MKThink project sites.

Hawaii is a test bed for renewable energy research relevant to the state and applicable worldwide.

Project name

Energy Research


Experiment Design, Sensor Deployment,
Data Collection, Data Analysis,
Data Management (4Daptive)


Statewide Hawai’i and San Francisco, CA


2011 – Present




5 Sites   |   6,756 SF


Hawaii Natural Energy Institute