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Oakland Unified School District


A detailed facility requirements for the academic and support service programs operating in Oakland Unified School District

With a strategic vision to create “a Full Service Community School District,” the Oakland Unified School District engaged MKThink to develop Educational Specification Design Guidelines. MKThink developed physical design guidelines and functional requirements for rooms, building systems, and school grounds, and included additional guidelines to properly accommodate new patterns of uses, enable shared access, and provide improved security throughout the day. MKThink worked closely with OUSD staff and school facility experts to conduct a study of relevant school facility code requirements and best practices. As projects emerge, MKThink is continuing to help the Oakland Unified School District to update their Educational Specification Design Guidelines. 


DATE: 2014
CITY: Oakland
STATE: California
SIZE/SCALE: 5,926,301 SF


CHALLENGE: To develop specific design guidelines and functional requirements for schools while accommodating new patterns of use, enabling shared access, and providing improved security. 
SERVICES: Data Collection, Data Analysis, Design Specifications, Facilities Assessment, Visioning, Master Planning, Stakeholder Engagement, Schematic Design, and Conceptual Design.
RESULT: Working groups consisting of OUSD stakeholders developed content for this document through a discussion of topics identified in the 2012 Facilities Master Plan.
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