Pinewood School


[masterslider id="67"] How do you make children feel at home even when they’re at school? Simple. You make the school feel like home. Los Altos, CA 2009 Challenges Difficult site, sensitive neighborhood, heritage trees and, oh yes, a school that needed to maintain operations during construction. Approach Working closely with teachers, parents and neighbors, MKThink [...]

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Oakland Unified School District


[masterslider id="74"] Oakland, CA 2009 – present Challenge Emerging from State Receivership in 2009, many of Oakland Unified School District’s (OUSD) 95 sites and 108 schools were significantly under capacity. Some properties were decaying, and the quality of education was inequitable. To improve enrollment, student performance, and graduation rates, OUSD needed support. Approach The MKThink [...]

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Hawaii Department of Education


[masterslider id="75"] Challenge The State of Hawaii’s Department of Education (DOE) is facing a crisis: deteriorating facilities and limited budgets contribute to poor academic performance and retention rates. The DOE hired MKThink to transform this crisis into an opportunity through three-dimensional analysis of users, architecture, and the environment. Approach First, the MKThink team recommended a [...]

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Dwelling Well On Campus


[masterslider id="73"] 2006 Challenge MKThink Strategy is well known for its research on topics relevant to today’s leaders and administrators in the field of education. In 2006, the team observed a trend in student housing on college campuses: they noted an exponential increase in construction cost per bed, fueled by an increase in individual space [...]

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