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Hillbrook School


Where making becomes the heart of the learning experience

The Maker Hub brings to the physical center of the campus programs already at its philosophical core: making, S.T.E.A.M., and student-driven learning. The new building is the culminating project in a six-year master planning initiative that reconfigured the campus into a hub-and-spoke model. The Maker Hub centralizes analog and digital tools and materials for design, making, scientific inquiry, engineering, woodworking, visual and performing arts. The building is divided into three workshops separated by garage and sliding doors, making the space easily adaptable to different activites. Exposed ceiling trusses and raw plywood create an aesthetic that welcomes the messiness of experimentation and collaboration.


DATE: 2017 - 2019
CITY: Los Gatos
STATE: California


CHALLENGE: To bring the campus programs together in a physical center.
SERVICES: Conceptual Design Schematic Design Design Development Construction Administration
RESULT:  The Maker Hub is the next generation of the school’s iLab, one of first maker spaces in the country.
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