Harmony Building


[masterslider id="69"] Louisville, KY 2013 – Present Project Scope Louisville is a city rich with history, and is known for its varied neighborhoods. Our project, the Harmony Building, is located in the central business district in Downtown Louisville. Currently, the neighborhood has no clear name or identity. The Harmony Building will define the identity of [...]

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Hawaii Natural Energy Institute


[masterslider id="57"] Oahu and Kawaikini, HI 2011 – Present Project Scope The HNEI MMC Program is a data collection and analysis study designed to compare and evaluate multi-site environmental, energy and building performance data over time. MKThink’s custom environmental monitoring kits measure energy use, exterior and interior environmental conditions, and comfort factors (temperature and humidity) [...]

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Office of Naval Research


The Office of Naval Research (ONR), a branch agency of the DOD, contracted MKThink to initiate a research project called REACHE - Renewable Energy Architecture for Cultural and Human Environments.

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San Francisco Zoo


[masterslider id="71"] San Francisco, CA 2013 – Present Project Scope The San Francisco Zoo was just beginning its recovery from the institutional crisis of an escaped tiger and the ensuing tragedy. Presented with the opportunity of incorporating a strip of land between their entry parking lot and San Francisco’s Great Highway, which divides Ocean Beach [...]

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Mission Creek Sports Park


[masterslider id="76"] San Francisco, CA 2008 Challenge What can a city do with the odd, neglected space under a freeway? In San Francisco where an abandoned three-acre parcel occupies space below several freeway off-ramps, the answer is Mission Creek Sports Park. It is a “whimsical yet functional community destination”, reports San Francisco Chronicle columnist, John [...]

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Marina Theater


[masterslider id="77"]   Challenge How can you secure the economic viability of the highly-desirable small neighborhood theater in today’s milieu of big chain multiplexes?   Changing market dynamics have forced single-screen cinemas to evolve in order to survive, both as successful enterprises and neighborhood amenities.  While the original 1928-built single-screen theater failed in the early [...]

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Crissy Field Center


[masterslider id="78"] San Francisco, CA 2008 San Francisco has a new icon thanks to the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy and the National Park Service. Project FROG’s latest smart building is located on the beautiful San Francisco waterfront at Crissy Field’s East Beach. The new interim home for Crissy Field Center demonstrates model practices in [...]

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[masterslider id="81"] 2007 – 2009 Challenge With a 150-year legacy of building strong kids, strong families, and strong communities, and with branches located on some of the most pristine sites in the world, it appeared that the YMCA of San Francisco had everything going for it. Yet, this organization lacked a compelling vision and risked [...]


Project FROG


  [masterslider id="79"] MKThink founded and launched Project FROG (Flexible Response to Ongoing Growth) in 2006, now a successful green tech company that has reinvented pre-engineered buildings to be smart, healthy, green and affordable. The initiative that led us to create this company arose from the painful observation that schoolyards have become trailer parks for [...]

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Emeryville Center For Community Life


[masterslider id="80"] Emeryville, CA Completion: 2015   Challenge To transform a community so that the school becomes the center of the community and the community becomes the center of the school. Approach Community must be at the heart of a design process if the community is to value any resulting facility. The ‘build it and [...]

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