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Analog Assets: Digital Age


by Mark Miller FAIA | LEEDap | CEO (This piece originally appeared in Metropolis: "Point of View, September 2013".) Mobile technology is developing at an exponential rate. Architecture evolves at a glacial pace. Result?  We have an “innovation gap” between the spaces we inhabit and the furiously changing nature of the activities our spaces need [...]

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Systems Thinking


by Mark Miller FAIA | LEED AP | CEO Systems-thinking is a relatively simple premise: to approach solving a problem by considering of inputs as part of a connected whole. But systems-thinking meets with a very complicated reality when you need to actually accept and execute that premise. Most fifth graders know the natural world [...]

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A Systems Approach to Makerspaces


At the Association for Learning Environments 2016 Annual Regional Conference in Tempe, Arizona, E. Chloé Lauer, MKThink Director of Strategic Services, presented an interactive workshop on Makerspaces: Makerspaces as Center for Community Makerspaces are the hottest trend in education today. How can we a devise a process that results in Makerspaces that are more than [...]

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