MKThink and RoundhouseOne teamed up with a local youth and community services organization to prepare them with databased air and environmental quality information ahead of the 2019 wildfire season. Having learned from the uncertainty, risk and concern in previous wildfire seasons, our partner sought a quantitative, databased understanding of the micro climate interior and exterior air and environmental conditions at each of their sites. This data would be used so that they could make informed, real time decisions about opening or closing fitness centers, care facilities and centers of refuge. MKThink and RoundhouseOne deployed over 100 Air Angel Sensors at indoor and outdoor locations across the 12 sites.

The sensor network provided real time and historic data on key air and environmental quality indicators that allowed our partners to understand current conditions, the types of problems that were emerging, and trends. This data allowed them to make informed decisions about opening or closing facilities and effectively communicate those decisions (and the data behind them) to the community they serve. Since then, the Air Angel systems have remained in place, helping facilities managers ensure that each space is the healthiest environment possible for each member that walks through the door.