MKThink is a proud sponsor of the The Missfits (FIRST Robotics Competition Team 6418), an all-female robotics team open to all girls attending high school in the San Francisco Bay Area. ​The team was established in 2016 to introduce female youth to engineering and technology.

Here’s Missfits team member Erika Pilpre’s recap of the 2018 FIRST Robotics Competition season:

The Missfits competed in the San Francisco and the Silicon Valley Regionals [with their robot, Athena, a switch and exchange bot that also has the ability to do the scale and has a reliable climber]. We placed 8th (of 43) and 3rd (of 60) in the qualification rounds, respectively.

At the San Francisco Regional, The Missfits had an exciting day of qualification rounds, with our rank fluctuating throughout the day. We ranked 6th place, but were eventually eliminated in the quarterfinal matches. This first competition of the season highlighted the importance of a flexible game strategy.
San Francisco Regionals

With only two weeks before the Silicon Valley Regionals competition, we solidified our autonomous mode and added sensors to controls to get competition ready.

The Silicon Valley Regional is known to be one of the most competitive regionals in the world. In our first match, one of our alliance partners (each match is 3v3) failed to show and our other alliance partner lost communications at the beginning of the match. In spite of those difficulties, we single handedly won the match against 3 working robots! The Missfits continued on and were undefeated for all 10 of the qualification matches (one of only two teams to do so). The winning streak lasted us for two more matches taking us to the semifinals, where we eventually lost to the 2nd ranked alliance.
Silicon Valley Regionals Quarterfinal 4

During the off-season, we will be sharpening our mechanical, electrical, and programming skills for the next competitions to come.

The Missfits will be presenting and demoing at these upcoming community outreach events:

MIT Club’s K12 STEM Outreach “The Future” of AI Kids Day
Sunday April 22nd 10am to 3pm
InterContinental San Francisco

Bay Area Maker Faire
Friday, May 18th – Sunday, May 20th
San Mateo County Event Center