At the Association for Learning Environments 2016 Annual Regional Conference in Tempe, Arizona, E. Chloé Lauer, MKThink Director of Strategic Services, presented an interactive workshop on Makerspaces:

Makerspaces as Center for Community
Makerspaces are the hottest trend in education today. How can we a devise a process that results in Makerspaces that are more than just fancy STEM/STEAM labs? What tools are essential to ensure that these creative spaces become centers of community that provide value that outlasts the 3-D printers and other specialized equipment that tend to dominate Makerspace conversations?

Chloé presented a systems approach to design, which considers the Makerspace as a resource in the larger context of the community.

Systems_Maker Space2

She gave a primer on Makerspace typologies and guided participants in affinity mapping—a tool for capturing stakeholder input to inform design.

Systems_Maker Space3      IMG_0006      IMG_2054 (1)

IMG_0299      IMG_0008

Participants left with a practical tool kit to tailor a design process to their individual site and ultimately realize a Makerspace rooted in the community it is intended to serve.