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Louisville, KY
2013 – Present

Project Scope

Louisville is a city rich with history, and is known for its varied neighborhoods. Our project, the Harmony Building, is located in the central business district in Downtown Louisville. Currently, the neighborhood has no clear name or identity. The Harmony Building will define the identity of the district, and be a catalyst for healthy and thriving urban revitalization in this neighborhood, and throughout Louisville.


CHALLENGE – Develop a catalyst for healthy and thriving urban revitalization in downtown Louisville beginning with the renovation of an existing historically significant building.

APPROACH – RoundhouseOne data analysis began with the existing building and extended to the surrounding city. These studies established environmental and user pattern baselines and established key findings about the local environment, which led to a design concept, business plan, and brand.

RESULT – Integrating a “Living Lab” into the building program that combines collaborative work and research spaces, small grocery, and rooftop dining, to engage the community, scientists, engineers, children, and tourists in a dialogue of health.