The US Department of Defense is one of the largest consumers of energy, ranking 34th in the world in daily oil consumption. MKThink is the principal investigator for REACHE (Renewable Energy Architecture for Cultural and Human Environments), a US Officew of Naval Research initiative to develop energy management technologies.

MKThink conducted field research at military encampments in Hawaii and the Philippines to explore interdependencies between user behaviors, natural and built environments, and resource consumption.

Findings from this field research validated the need for  cognitive computing and big data analytics to manage the magnitude of possible data sets.

MKThink is currently working on the development of a big data management system capable of mining for significant correlations and analyzing anomalies to generate solutions that reduce energy consumption, minimize cost, and optimize performance without compromising mission objectives.

Project name



Experiment Design, Data Collection,
Data Analysis, Data Management,
Software Development


Philippines and Statewide, Hawaii


2011 – Present


In Progress


137,000 SF 


U.S. Office of Naval Research