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San Francisco, CA
2013 – Present

Project Scope

The San Francisco Zoo was just beginning its recovery from the institutional crisis of an escaped tiger and the ensuing tragedy. Presented with the opportunity of incorporating a strip of land between their entry parking lot and San Francisco’s Great Highway, which divides Ocean Beach and the Pacific Ocean from the city, MKThink was asked to help conceptualize a self-sustaining program that would be used by the Zoo and that would hold the property until a long-term use could be determined. Through a series of workshops, MKThink developed a scheme that will transform not only the site, but also the public role of the SF Zoo.

The concept is a Coastal and Oceanic Conservation Zone that will reorient the Zoo to the Pacific Ocean and create material and metaphysical connections beyond its borders to foster public awareness of and access to these critical resources while preserving and enhancing animal habitats.

Why the Site Matters

GEOGRAPHIC CENTER of a rich local ecosystem; a biologically diverse hot spot, ripe for conservation management, measures and partnerships.

ACCESS & VIEWS to 3 of 13 National Marine Sanctuaries.

OCEANIC CONNECTION – Only zoological park on the West Coast with a direct connection to the Pacific Ocean, opportunity to connect to native species, habitats, and migratory zones.