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“Pole Position”
Infineon Raceway
Sonoma, CA


Infineon Raceway is a stark departure from the otherwise calm serenity of Sonoma’s rolling landscape. Here it’s about speed, racing and being loud. It’s about metal and machine. Testosterone and technology. An odd combination of adrenaline and octane where humans and their machines push each other to the limit and sometimes past it. Extending the excitement of the track to the classroom and doing so in a cost effective manner were the key drivers for this project’s design and approach.


The aesthetic and sensory attributes of the design embody a not-so-lightly veiled reference to racing and high performance driving: metal, glass, motion, curves and color. Oh, it’s environmentally friendly too.


The new Jim Russell Racing Drivers School is comprised of a learning and demonstration environment, media center, café, and lounge overlooking the track at Turn 1 of this storied raceway. The building solution successfully met the project goals – to create an affordable, high-performance teaching facility to support and expand the Jim Russell Racing Drivers School and its driving skills programs.