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San Francisco, CA


In 2002, USF wanted to accommodate growth, hire new faculty, and upgrade the quality of teaching environments to elevate its overall reputation. The university planned to build 20,000 GSF of new facilities with a price tag of nearly $60 million. However, the school lacked the necessary funds.


The MKThink team documented the institution’s existing portfolio of academic and administrative spaces, charted the rates of utilization and occupancy in teaching environments, and explored optimization methods using full picture analytics. Using reports and infographics to show how total teaching capacity could be doubled within existing facilities, the MKThink Strategy team saved the university $50 million and 1.5 – 3.5 years in construction efforts.


Implementing the MKThink plan, USF realized the desired growth, hired new faculty, and improved the quality of their facilities with a nominal amount of new construction and a very affordable budget. The renovated learning environments now function extremely well, are fully occupied, and boast high rates of utilization, resulting in an experiential upgrade for faculty, staff, and students.