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Oakland, CA
2009 – present


Emerging from State Receivership in 2009, many of Oakland Unified School District’s (OUSD) 95 sites and 108 schools were significantly under capacity. Some properties were decaying, and the quality of education was inequitable. To improve enrollment, student performance, and graduation rates, OUSD needed support.


The MKThink team documented the physical assets of the District during a comprehensive Asset Portfolio Management Study, explored options for reconciling the district’s 30% excess capacity, and recommended a facility strategy to end the 2011 $19 million structural deficit.


By providing a full picture database, analytic reports, and scenario models – all accessed through a user-friendly interface – to OUSD leadership, MKThink empowered the district to understand its assets, weigh the trade-offs associated with alternate choices, and make informed decisions that will be the foundation for a 180-degree transformation.

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