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An “independently spirited, fiercely unconventional” client deserves a work environment that matches this corporate ethos. So that’s exactly what we did. Multiple Locations
2009 – Mountain View, CA2011 – San Francisco, CA


How do you transform generic office space into a creative, collaborative work environment that celebrates Mozilla’s unique culture, attracts and retains key talent and enhances the exchange of ideas.


Understand your client.  Mozilla has emerged as a major player in web browser space with Firefox through an open source approach to software development.  Mozilla has attracted a nimble, creative and loyal workforce that includes a very large global volunteer component through a culture of transparency and respect.  Bringing all of this talent together in a physical space requires accommodating multiple modalities of working styles and lots of collaboration space for resident staff as well as drop-in partners and volunteers.


MKThink developed an open, collaborative workplace with a focus on fun, flexible, functional furniture solutions to support the desired spontaneity and elasticity of their space with the culture of transparency that they fiercely defend and has built their brand.   There are no private offices.  Period.  The environment was designed to support incubating new partnerships and new ideas through a variety of collaborative strategies – team rooms, co-work space, event areas and multiple mini cafes dispersed through the work environment to encourage idea sharing.