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Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital (LPCH) is a 220,000 net square foot facility costing $2.6 million per day to operate, based on the database’s baseline snapshot report. Given perceived constraints on hospital resources, the administration believed the hospital needed to build more capacity; however, the additional space needs exceeded Palo Alto’s building restrictions by 12%. In addition, a new building would cost roughly $1,200 per square foot and take 12 years to complete.


Facing overwhelming building and time constraints, LPCH needed to explore other options. A three dimensional assessment of usage patterns based on users, architecture, and environment revealed opportunities to increase utilization of available resources by increasing daily hours in use and occupant density.


Contrary to the belief that LPCH needed more space, the analytic engine revealed the hospital was underutilized by 14%. Ultimately, implementation of changes in how the hospital was being used, which were recommended by the scenario builder, led to a 4% productivity gain, 30,000 net square foot recapture and avoided additional construction that would have cost $30 million.