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Palo Alto, California

Venrock retained MKThink to provide space planning, building assessment, and budgetary pricing for interior improvements as part of the venture capital firm’s proposed lease and renovation of a prestigious Palo Alto location. MKThink analyzed the Venrock’s operational, functional, and service requirements, as well as the building’s key space relationships, to create a space which would support their ongoing business objectives and allow them to make informed decisions regarding the final design.

Our team observed that the firm’s frequent in-house client meetings and existing physical setup of mixed public and private spaces resulted in disruptive cross-office traffic; they suggested separating these spaces to clarify their distinct identities and functions. This scheme was embraced, and the final design features a striking multi-room conference center on the ground floor and internal office areas on the second floor. The attractive new workspace is an effective and efficient professional environment that meets the needs of its leadership, employees, and guests.