Heat abatement program at public schools

The Department's heat abatement effort prioritizes schools that require cooling strategies, which may include air conditioning. We work with the Legislature to fast-track the schools that need relief most.

Urban Design Guidelines, Help or Hinder?

According to the city, 300 Ivy St. (middle) and 400 Grove St. (right) in Hayes Valley are leading examples of well-done projects. In San Francisco, where architecture is a spectator sport, you might think there would be a clearly defined set of guidelines spelling out how new buildings can best fit our distinctive surroundings.

You’d be wrong. But next year, that could change.

£5,800 underground fridge could be the next big thing in food storage

The Groundfridge is a modern take on the traditional root cellar aimed at people who want to live in a “modern and self-sustaining way”

The Subtle Way Government Architecture Shapes Governments Themselves

A new book analyzes the design of parliamentary buildingsand finds a "systemic lack of innovation."

MIT And Google Give The Cubicle A Radical, Shape-Shifting Redesign

The work pods are a glimpse of the self-assembling architecture of the future.

Chicago begins building 'fitness tracker' to check its vitals

Ambitious project to collect block-by-block environmental data in nation's third largest city has begun.

5 Tips For Designing More Equitable Cities

The Cooper Hewitt's new exhibition, By the People, shows what local communities are doing at the grassroots level to improve their cities.

Office air pollution is killing you. Your home is too

New devices that monitor pollutants in homes and offices could save millions of lives a year.

How Robots and Other STEM Tech Can Be Used in English Class

Here are three ways that language arts teachers have used innovative tech to support their curriculum.

Creating renewable gasoline

Creating gasoline and biodiesel from readily available microbial organisms may sound too good to be true, but that is exactly what researchers at the Hawaiʻi Natural Energy Institute at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa are doing.

2017 Urban Land Institute Global Awards for Excellence Finalist

Emeryville Center of Community Life, Emeryville, CA

2017 Contract Magazine 38th Annual Interior Awards – Education

826 Valencia – Tenderloin Center, San Francisco, CA

2014 ENR - Interiors

Mozilla Headquarters, Mountain View, CA

2014 AIA Santa Clara Valley

Citation Award, Rehabilitation of Stanford Peterson Building (with CAW Architects)

2014 Islands Innovation Challenge

Finalist (Cultural Cartography)

2013 Green Dot Awards: 2nd Prize, Industrial Product (4Daptive)

Hon. Mention, Concept (Harmony Building)

2013 Islands Innovation Challenge

Finalist (REACHE)

2012 American Architecture Award, The Chicago Athenaeum Award

with Ennead Architects (Stanford Law School, William H. Neukom Building, Stanford, California)

2012 Asia Pacific Clean Energy Summit

Defense Energy Challenge Award Winner

2011 AIA San Francisco

Structures with a Small Budget Honor Award (Kayak Hut @ Mission Creek Sports Park)

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