Sustaining the Hive

 by Satchita Melina, Resident Artist 



When I think about sustainability the first things that come to mind are the plant and animal worlds that cannot voice their needs or protect their habitats. I chose bees for this image because they are one such creature that has been negatively impacted by human-induced land changes, such as rapid urbanization.

Bees are vital to pollination networks across North America and provide a crucial service to crops and other plants. In urban areas harvesting grounds, and even habitat, are becoming scarcer. Many of these important pollinators are forced to forage further away from their home nest, sometimes forgetting their way back to the hive! I hope that with the rise of flowering urban gardens and green spaces more bees will be supported to co-live with us in our metropoles. May this image also be a metaphor for our own human city-hive, and our own growing need to forage locally and grow sustainably.